Proust – Table of Contents

Proust bookies

Proust bookies

The photo shows my Proust – no longer captive in the three monster volumes as published.  Because I do not enjoy holding these monsters, I cut them up into manageable, portable chunks or  “bookies”. (“What, you cut up your Proust?!) I reinforce each bookie with a durable cover to which I may affix pictures, clippings or whatever seems right. Not only are they easier to hold and to read in bed, but you can take one with you. You never know when you’ll be trapped in a line at the bank or worse – the subway. Sure, there’s Kindle … but the frisson of a bookie vs the frisson of Kindle are not in the same league. War and Peace received the same treatment.

Proust – Table of Contents

A Note on the Translation that I Use

Introduction – My Decipherings of Proust

Double Pastiche

The Bookends of The Search Contain A Secret

Descartes and the Joyous Madeleine

The Joy of Proust – The Riddle of Happiness

Smelling Tante Léonie’s Bedspread

Scatology I – The Cambremer Debate

Scatology II – The precious essence of asparagus

The Buds in the Grove

The Cloven Hoof of Dr. Percepied

Odette at Fashion Institute of New York

The Inquisition of Swann

Where do they live after marriage?

Legrandin’s Rump

The Compass and the Scale

Lesbian Drama – but who is the audience? 

New Year’s Day of Old Men

An Airplane – Why Tears, Why Moved?

Shutters of Gold

O Sole Mio – Making up His Mind

What is This Thing Called Reality?

Swann’s Catharsis

My Way of Re-reading Proust

Riding Aristotle at Saint-André-des-Champs

Music, Memory and the Impermanence of Love

The Case, the Salon, the Invert, the Intellectual 

Seduction of the waiter

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