A Note on the translation that I use and Page References

The work comprises seven novels. I use the Moncrieff-Kilmartin-Enright translation published by Vintage/Random House, 1982 which comes in a three-volume, silver-covered set under the title “Remembrance of Things Past.”

Proust-silver-cover-0854 The seven novels are distributed among the three volumes as follows:

SW Swann’s Way – Volume I (Du côte de chez Swann)
BG Within a Budding Grove – Volume I (A l’ombre des jeunes filles en fleur)
GW Guermantes Way – Volume II (Le côte de Guermantes)
CP Cities of the Plains –Volume II (Sodome et Gomorrhe)
CAP The Captive – Volume III (La prisonnière)
FUG The Fugitive – Volume III (Albertine disparue)
TR Time Regained – Volume III (Le temps retrouvé)

In my little essays, a page reference to this edition appears as [Vol II 337] or [Vol II GW 337] or just [GW 337]. I wasn’t consistent. (;-(

A few page numbers point to the Lydia Davis translation of Swann’s Way published by Penguin, 2003. I always indicate those pages with “Davis” – thus [Davis 45] or [Davis SW 45].

Until recently the title “Remembrance of Things Past” – assigned by the earliest English translator, Scott Moncrieff – had been used.  Now, the work is more commonly (and accurately) referred to as  “In Search of Lost Time” – (from the French – “À la recherche du temps perdu”.)   I abbreviate the work as just  “The Search.”


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