Looking Down in Manhattan

July, 2014

Being a flâneuse in Manhattan has its special rewards if you are willing to let your gaze wander all over.  I used to have a habit of always looking up.  I wondered at the unaltered architectural details from the 19th Century,  at views of “negative space” and composition as in paintings.  BUT, then I discovered also looking down.  Here, the grit and the edge of the city comes pulsing out in unexpected humor and beauty.  Consider stains, roots and drains – captured only by looking down.

A day after a rain gives your eye a treasure of puddles and stains.


La flâneuse








Easter bunny comes to Manhattan

Easter bunny comes to Manhattan

stain stork

Horrible flying insect

Sidewalk creatures flirting

Sidewalk creatures flirting

Bird terror

Bird terror


Sidewalk Swimmer

N.Y.C  sewers are made in India!


Manhattan sewer cap made in India

Looking down at tree trunks and roots –






Bare feet

Bare feet

… and tree lovers nearby.

Tree lovers I

Tree lovers I


Tree lovers II



8 thoughts on “Looking Down in Manhattan

  1. Rosemarie Girard

    Love these photos. You have a good eye. Just be careful when looking down walking that you don’t bump you head on an errant branch or utility pole. Believe me I’ve done that.

  2. rschaecher

    Marvelous photographic eye to capture these images of natural (and unnatural) objects.
    To appreciate what you have accomplished, we would all need to really slow down and observe. I look down to avoid stepping in detritus and tripping on cracked sidewalks!



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