Jane Street Flea Market

The Jane Street annual block sale

I live on Jane Street.  What has been stored in closets all year comes out onto the street at the annual Jane Street block sale.  Thank God, I managed to resist buying anything for my own closet.




Manual food processor – maybe I should have grabbed this.



JaneStSale-0624These lamps are probably politically incorrect.




Note photographer’s toes.







Take the ram by the horns.


JaneSale-0627    Tovarish!


JaneStSale-0619Haven’t you always wanted a wireless ice bag?












Timely – Russia just annexed Crimea (June 2014).


Actually, this is one that got away.  But where would I have put it?




“It’s venice glass”, he whispered.








They don’t make these anymore.





Chutzpah: He asked, “how much?”  I said, “A dollar.” He said, “Can you do any better than that?”






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